Wednesday, March 30, 2016

appam with wheat flour

Appam made of wheat flour?

What? Huh? Really? - this was the expression on my face as I saw a friend's post on the social media.

It looked like a doable kind of recipe and the curious me who likes to experiment wanted to try it out.

And what say, the end result was a soft appam that didn't have the taste of wheat at all.

1) Wheat flour – 2 cups
2) Milk – 3 tbsp
3) Sugar – 5 tsp
4) Yeast – ½ tsp
5) Salt – as required
6) Coconut milk – as required

7) Warm water - as required


To lukewarm milk, add one teaspoon of sugar, stir till it dissolves and add the yeast. Close it and keep it aside for 10 - 15 minutes for the yeast to come alive and do its magic.

Add the wheat flour into a deep bowl. Add the salt and the rest of the sugar (5tsp) into the wheat flour and mix it well. To this, add the fermented yeast. Mix well by adding warm water. You need to get a thick batter; not runny but very very thick batter without any lumps. Keep the thick batter overnight to ferment (7 - 8 hours). 

Next day, add enough coconut milk to the fermented batter to get an appam batter consistency. Leave it undisturbed for an hour. 

When you start making appams, ladle the batter from the top and use.
Serve the appam with egg curry or chicken curry.

The appams were light and soft and tasty.

Another winner recipe.

Thank you dear friend.

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