Chinagrass pudding

INGREDIENTS: 1. China grass [agar agar] - 10 gm 2. Condensed milk - 1 big tin [175gm] 3. Milk - 3 tins [use the condensed milk tin] 4. Vanilla essence - 1 tsp 5. Sugar - 3 tbsp 6. Water - 1 1/2 cups
Method: 1. Soak the china grass in the water for 15-20 minutes.
2. Melt this china grass on a medium flame. This will take some time; wait till all the     china grass is dissolved in the water
3. Simultaneously, in another pan, boil the milk, sugar and condensed milk, stirring     constantly otherwise the condensed milk will stick to the bottom.
4. Once the milk+condensed milk mixture boils, add the melted china grass into this.
5. Switch off the flame and add the vanilla essence.
6. Sieve the milk mixture into a glass dish. Wait till the mixture cools a bit and then keep     it in the fridge to set.
7. Serve it plain or garnished with caramelized nuts.
 An easy, tasty pudding is ready.
Notes: You can make a layer of arrowroot biscuits or pineapple chunks at the bottom before pouring the china grass mixtu…

Macaroni salad

Now tell me, there would be very few people out there who would not love the macaroni salad from Pizza hut. Well, it has a lot more ingredients than what goes into the pizza hut macaroni salad. I doubled up the recipe since I was making for about 10 people. You need to do a bit of chopping and then mix up everything (easy easy ) but the end result is worth all your effort. The macaroni salad was really yummy and appreciated by one and all who devoured it. Well its a bit on the high calorie side but hey its just once in a while, so go ahead , make it and indulge (devilish grin).
This recipe is from

A twist to the classic Waldorf salad

Image is not the classic waldorf salad recipe. I just went ahead and used whatever ingredients I had at hand. But there is no compromise on the taste; I promise.

Oats-dates-nuts laddoo

Recently I joined a group of energetic and fun loving ladies for a detox diet. I am lazy trying to pack individual stuff to get me through the day; this is a great recipe that packs in a lot of good stuff all rolled into one. One small laddoo can cut down your hunger pangs and sugar cravings. And to top it off, it is home made. yayyy..with easily available ingredients.

Another year has passed by....

Wishing all of you out there a Happy New year.  2016 for me was a mix of joy as well as sadness. Praying that the new year would be better,brighter and cheerful and hoping to be a good one.

Korean Sheet masks

I have heard about sheet masks but never really got to try one until I got a couple as gifts. The sheets masks are from a company called Nature Republic and one was the green tea mask and the other was Lavender mask.The packaging is very cute.

The other side of the mask has a lot of writings in Korean :) but the instructions on how to use the mask is given in English too.
'1. After washing the face, apply toner to clear up the skin. 2. Open the pouch, pull out the mask and place it on the face using the eye area to align correctly. 3. Remove after 20 minutes and gently pat for better absorption.'

There is a cut given and one has to tear it through to open the pouch. That is how the sheet mask looks like once removed from the pouch. The sheet masks is in two pieces - one piece covers the forehead till the nose and upper part of the cheeks; the second piece to cover the lower part of the cheeks and chin. And of course the eye area and mouth area is open.The sheets are actually placed…

Rimmel haul

Products: Rimmel the only one matte lipstick 'The matte factor'                  Rimmel Scandal Eyes waterproof kohl kajal (001 black)                  Rimmel soft kohl (011 sable brown)

The lipstick in encased in an attractive red tube. There is a band around the tube to indicate the color of the lipstick inside. The slanted lipstick bullet makes it easier to apply. The lipstick has a fruity smell of water melon but it just goes away once you have applied the lipstick. This is one lippie which although being matte, does not dry the lips. It is also highly pigmented and I didn't have to reapply for a good 5 hours. The lipstick can settle into the fine lines of the lips at the end of the day but it isn't so bad either [just rub the lips together and you are ok]. The lipstick costs 4 KD. So this is one lipstick which is affordable,pigmented, nondrying and long lasting.

I am equally happy with the eye pencils as well.  The black kohl pencil is jet black and glides on the eye …