Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A weekend getaway at Albohayra farm

It was through a friend here that I came to know about the Albohayra farm aka Blue Lake farm. The strawberry picking part was what got me all excited about. So with great expectations, on a Friday morning, my family set out to experience and explore the Albohayra farm.

It is easy to find the location of the farm on google maps or waze app.

The sporadic rains in Kuwait has made the desert look yellowish green [The drive kind of reminded me the lands in India in the summer :). lol, what an irony.]

It was an hour and a half drive. 

Once we reached the farm, we parked our car and went right in. The gates to the strawberry farm was already open. 

Usually they open the farm by 12:45ish; so try to reach there early i.e. atleast  by 12:30pm so as not to miss picking the reddest ripest strawberries. There is always a crowd and the ripe strawberries get picked up fast. Make sure to call them to affirm that there IS strawberry picking on the day you are planning to go. This usually happens on Fridays.They have an instagram account. If you don't want to call them, just send a message on instagram and they will surely reply. 

This is the sight that greets you as you walk in.
Rows and rows of juicy red strawberries hanging down.

You will be given a pair of scissors to cut the strawberries and a plastic box to store them . One has to be careful and use the scissors only as otherwise if you try to pluck it by hand, you can uproot the plant.

My loot of the day :)

Once the strawberry picking was done, we then roamed around the farm. You can buy fresh vegetables, cheese, milk, eggs, pickles, dried herbs etc from the farm. Nabta tea is produced from here (I have a separate post on this tea. Click here)

Then we moved on to see the lillies. Ain't that sight a 'cooler' to the eyes!

We can buy saplings of lillies from here. They have scented and unscented varieties of lillies. The unscented ones cost more. I saw a lot of women with a cart of bunches of lillies. I couldn't help and bought some for myself too :D. They are sooo pretty.

This is the complete contact details of the farm.

Just as you enter the farm, on the left side is the fish pond and cattle. You can buy grass to feed the cattle and fish food for the fish.

The farm also has an artificial pond and play area for kids. There are tents which you can rent out to stay. Or you can just pack a picnic lunch basket and enjoy it in the open area. There were a few families doing that.

It was a fun filled day. We enjoyed every bit of our stay there.The weather was nice and this was a different kind of experience. I hope to do this the next year too..

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