Monday, March 7, 2016

Museum in Al-Shaheed park

The museum is called 'Habitat'. 

It explains about Kuwait's environment and landscapes.

As you enter, you have to give your civil ID  to the person in the front desk. After that, he directed us to another person who handed over some funny looking gadgets. 

The rectangular shaped black contraption is to be worn around your neck and the white round one is to be hanged on your wrist. There is a head piece which is connected to the black box. Once you start walking around, it automatically starts playing about the things in front of you. Pretty cool eh! It's like a guide, no humans required.

The  museum is worth a visit. They have utilized all the new-gen technology to run the show.

This huge wall showcases the preserved parts of dried up plants - species found in Kuwait. The name of the founder and the name of the plant, botanical name and the year in which it was discovered is also stated. I found the name of an Indian  which made me feel proud.

These bowl shaped glasses holds the various species of plants found in Kuwait.

Next you see the 'Seed Station'. They have made huge replicas of the seed and the flower. 

The landscape of Kuwait is displayed on huge screens on a huge rectangular table and the projector is on the roof. There are positions indicated on the screen on which you have to place the white round thing and then there are left and right arrows to explain what is on screen. Meanwhile everything is automatically explained as you walk around. It gives a realistic feeling to the whole experience- the wind blowing, the splashing of the sea waves- you feel as if you are standing there.

The best part is the aviary section.

I will let the pictures do the talking here.

And the there is this huge screen.

The entire museum shows the importance of preserving nature.
Did you know that there are two wadis in Kuwait? I didn't.

[A wadi is a valley, a ravine or a channel that is dry except during the rainy season] 

The entry is free but it is not a kid friendly museum. There is so much of delicate stuff all around that if you have kids with you, you will always be bothered about them toppling or breaking something. Also, you need time to roam about and take in everything; even though it is a small place.

A must visit place I say.
The entry is free. So if you plan to visit AlShaheed park, don't forget to pop in here.

Their web page is this (

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