Nabta Tea

This is a made in Kuwait tea brand. I saw this tea when i visited Albohayra farm in Abdali. They have a variety of tea available like lemongrass, lemongrass and ginger, green tea with mint, black tea with basil etc.

The package is a tall cylinder which holds the cups, sugar, stirrer, and the cover for the cups.
The color of the packaging is different for different flavor of the tea.

Each individual cup holds the tea leaves and there is a mesh (which acts like a tea strainer). So when you pour water into the tea, the flavour seeps into the water without the messy tea leaves swimming all around the cup [it is a nightmare to drink that]. And yeah, no need to use a tea infuser or a tea strainer. Just pour hot water into the cup, stir in sugar, close with the lid and you are good to go.

The expiry date is two years from date of production.

They have an instagram account @nabtabrand and also a website

I picked the lemongrass and ginger tea from Saveco. I am not a huge fan of other flavored teas except green tea. I had tasted this tea from Abdali farm and I liked it. But you need sugar to get the real taste of the tea. I was having a sore throat and it was sooo soothing. It has the flavor of lemongrass and ginger and it is absolutely tasty. What I noticed was that one should pour some hot water into the cup, wait for a minute for the flavors to seep in and then add more hot water. Otherwise, the flavor is more concentrated in the bottom rather than throughout.


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