Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mr. Buds half cooked chapathi

This is a great option on those days when you have no time at hand but still wants to have chapathi for dinner. It's half cooked chapathi made of 100% whole wheat and it is machine made. Also it is a made in Kuwait product.

The picture says it all. The cooking instructions  and the ingredient list is mentioned on the packet. It has a shelf life of three days but the quantity is not mentioned on the packet. I counted and there were 7 half-cooked chapathis in the packet.

That is how it looks after opening. They are all perfect round chapathis [since it is machine made; unlike mine which will look like the map of asia :)]. Even though it is mentioned as half cooked, the chapathis were sticking together a bit; it was like peeling of one chapathi from the other one but it came off easily without tearing.

The chapathi really puffed up and tasted good.

One packet costs 0.200 fils.

It is available in bakalas.

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