Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Shop fresh fish online in Kuwait

Now one can order fish online in Kuwait :)

They have cash on delivery and also a 5% cash back policy if you pre-order your fish.
I thought they had free delivery but read in 248am that they charge 750fils for delivery.
They have fresh fish, live fish (limited options when i checked website) and cooked fish.

I for one would be hesitant to buy fish online but when you are hard pressed for time or due to some reason  can't visit the fish market, this is a great option.

Their website is and facebook page is also there.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Corn and paneer chaat

Corn and paneer chaat

This is a colorful chaat. A bit sweet, a bit tangy but tastes good nonetheless. 
This can be a mid-morning snack or an evening snack. 
It is easy to prepare and healthy as well.

1. Corn - 2 cups
2. Paneer-15 cubes 
3. Red onion - 1 
4. Tomato - 1
5. Salt- as per taste
6. Pepper - as per taste
7. Lemon juice - 1/2 of a lime 
8. Chaat masala - as per taste

Steam the corn.
Pan fry the paneer
Chop the onion and tomato
Mix everything together. Add the salt, pepper, lime juice and chaat masala. Toss well. 

Recipe adapted from indian healthy recipes

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Green grapes juice

Green grapes juice

You need to eat fruits.


That's what moms and health professionals scream out every day; day in and day out.

So now what to do when you bought some seedless green grapes and you  end up with some left over sitting in the fruit bowl the second day also? think think....juice them off course. Put the grapes in a blender (no hassles of removing seeds since they are seedless) and done.  You can add a little water if the consistency is too thick for you. There is no need to add extra sugar; the sweetness of the grapes suffices. But if the juice isn't that sweet, add a bit of sugar.

Add a couple of ice cubes and enjoy the drink. Alternatively you can add the ice cubes into the blender along with the grapes instead of adding water.

A healthy drink which is tasty is a sure winner.

1. Green grapes - 1 cup
2. Water - 1/4 cup (optional)
3. Sugar - 1/2 tsp (optional)
4. Ice cubes - 2

Blend. Pour into a glass. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A very berry cherry milkshake

Ingredients required:

1. Cherries (pitted) - 1 cup [I used fresh cherries; no, none of those frozen stuff for me]
2. Milk - 1 cup

That's it.

Put everything in the blender and wham,a tasty milkshake is ready. For those of you who will not be satisfied with the sweetness of the milkshake can add teaspoon of sugar or a couple of pitted dates.

There are a zillion other ways to make a smoothie or a milkshake but I prefer mine clean - meaning no sugar,ice cream, chocolate etc.

Now the downside is (if you think it is) is the time in spending pitting the cherries, but consider that as therapeutic :) :P and also a bit of staining on the finger nails.

Cherries are available only for a short season and so make the most of it while its still available. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The INGLOT event

INGLOT had organised an event exclusively for their social media fans to celebrate 10 years of beauty. It was an invite to their store in Avenues Mall to experience their latest collections and makeup applications on Wednesday August 10, 2016. The invite was only to the first 200 who RSVPd to an email ID they had posted on Fb. I have always passed by their store and admired the colorful display of nail polishes and eye shadows but never really ventured to walk in and try the products. 

Inglot store in Avenues

We were received with a welcome drink and donuts :). I had fun walking around and swatching and trying again the lip shades, eye shadows and foundation. The crowd was huge. Hmm..who would want to miss to be a part of such an event.

That display of nail polishes. It is sooooo tempting :P

Oh those limited edition nail polishes!!!! Wanted to buy all of them...

The invited social media fans were given a free goodie bag worth 15KD. The goodie bag had a lipstick and a beauty blemder. I got the lipstick in shade number 422 (a neonish purplish shade). The sales assistant told me that this was one of their best selling lip shades. 

No, this lipcolor is not for me. :)

The free gifts

Thank you INGLOT for a wonderful evening and free goodies.

Friday, August 12, 2016


What to make for breakfast? A nerve wracking thought for all moms (everyone). Especially when you are hard pressed for time. And you had enough of boxed cereals and oats. Come on, even those 'healthy' cereals are loaded with sugar. 

Steamed plantain is one of those easy breakfast items , as long as I can remember. It can be eaten just like that or with a chutney of crushed shallots, green chilli and salt in a bit of water. Oh nostalgia. But, I always felt hungry after an hour. A chit chat with my friend over this topic and she suggested having a boiled egg and a piece of toast (or plain bread) to go with the plantain. And yes, you have a delicious, filling and nutritious breakfast. And doesn't take much time at alllllll.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Well, paniyarams are not exactly a new invention :) only thing is that I never really ventured to try out this recipe. What you need is just some idli batter and viola, a delicious and healthy evening snack is ready. There is spicy and sweet versions of this. Here goes the spicy version of paniyarams.

1. Idli batter - 2 cups
2. Shallots - 6
3. Green chilli - 1
4. Ginger paste - 1/2 tsp
5. Urad dal - 1/4 tsp
6. Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
7. Oil (Coconut/sunflower) - as needed
8. Curry Leaves - a sprig
9. Coriander leaves - 2 Tbsp (optional)

In a pan, add about 1.5 tsp of oil and when it is hot, add the mustard seeds. When they start crackling, add the ginger paste and chopped green chilli. Saute for a minute; and then add the chopped shallots. When the shallots are slighltly browned, add the curry leaves. Switch off the flame and add the coriander leaves. Let this cool off and add it into the idli batter. Add enough salt. Viola...paniyaram batter is ready.

Now you need a unni appam chatti to prepare this. Add few drops of oil into the unniappam chatti and fill the holes upto 3/4th with the prepared batter. Close with a lid and cook on medium flame. After about 4 minutes, open the lid and flip over the paniyarams, close the lid and cook for another 4 minutes. 

There, paniyarams are ready. Serve it warm with sambar or chutney and a hot cup of tea. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Five Guys Burger

It was a lazy saturday evening and we were wondering where to go out for dinner. And we finally ended up at Five Guys which is located in Al-Tijaria tower (opposite to Al-Shaheed park). Man, the crowd there is insane. I have not seen such a busy burger joint; other than the ones located in the malls. One of my friend, whose office is in the same building, was telling me that the queue will be well outside the burger joint on most days.

Athapookalams 2017

Onam was celebrated way back in September and there was a Pookalam competition also held then. My post is a bit late and but none the less ...