Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dhathri chemparathi thaali

Thaali is used to clean the hair. The leaves (and sometimes the flowers also) of the hibiscus plant was crushed and the slimy liquid was used as shampoo. It was all so natural - no sulphates, no parabens, no added scents. No wonder our grandmoms and their moms and grannies had thick black hair , well into the old age. And here we are, the new generation, already cribbing about grey hair and hair loss.

Now a days who has time for all this
I came across Dhathri Chemparathi thaali while in India.
Thaali in a I definitely want to try this.
So I just grabbed it :D.
I have tried to make thaali at home by grinding the hibiscus leaves in the mixer grinder (much to the horror of my mom :D) and then using it to wash my hair. I used bucketfuls of water to get the tiny leaf particles out of my hair. When I saw this bottle I was like 'Phew, this saves so much of trouble of plucking, cleaning, grinding, cleaning the mess etc etc.'

This comes in a white bottle with a screw on cap. It is quite travel friendly since the quantity is less and it can be screwed tight.

It claims that it supports hair growth and can control dandruff. The expiry date is 18 months from the date of opening and three years from the date of manufacturing. And it is also stated on the bottle that it is clinically tested.

It is a light greenish coloured liquid with a herbal smell.The consistency is thick and slightly runny like a shampoo. The instructions says to use about 5ml of the thaali (i.e. about  a capful) on wet hair; massage well and leave it on for about 2 minutes. Then wash the hair with plenty of water. 

This does remove dirt from hair and can be used as a everyday cleanser. It doesn't strip the hair of all the natural oils and leaves the hair shiny. There was a noticeable difference in dandruff reduction as well.But heavily oiled hair will have an issue. I thought I would have to use the entire bottle if I have to remove all the excess oil.

The ingredient list doesn't state about the presence of any preservatives but then one starts wondering how does a product in a bottle will stay good for three years (but you will use up the entire bottle before three years since the quantity is less). 

All in all its is a mild cleanser which can be used everyday. 

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