Monday, February 1, 2016

The Body Shop - Almond hand & nail butter

The Almond hand and nail butter from the body shop is definitely one of the best hand creams out there. I have dry hands and the cuticles also get very dry and this butter is a life saver. It contains sweet almond oil and brazil nut oil, both of which has moisturizing properties.
Sweet almond oil is produced from almonds that are edible[bitter almond oil is from wild almonds]. Almond oil has excellent moisturizing property.Brazil nut oil hydrates and moisturizes the skin.
A combination of both in one hand cream  = happy hands :).

It is thick and creamy with a slightly sweet smell. It is not greasy and gets absorbed into the skin very easily. I keep washing my hands throughout the day and a tiny amount of this cream is required for me to keep my hands hydrated.

As stated on the lid, it is suitable for all skin types. A small amount is required to moisturize those dry cuticles and hands.

It is available in tubes (i guess its aluminium) with screw on tops;which is travel friendly; and for those who have hygiene issues.
Personally i feel there is product wastage if it is in a tube. The tube will look ugly (battered and crinkled and crushed) after sometime. But on the positive side, it is not a plastic tube.

I had tried the cranberry hand lotion also from the body shop but the almond hand butter was far far far better than that.

Final verdict: i love the almond hand butter and will definitely repurchase it.

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