Saturday, February 27, 2016

Low fat fresh yoghurt from Alban Dairy

I picked up this from Lulu. The yoghurt is packaged in clay pots. This is a 100% made in Kuwait product (by Yasmin farms, Wafra). And it has no preservatives. The shelf life is 7 days.

The yoghurt is creamy and tasted good. 
The prices are on the higher side compared to mass produced brands available (0.750 fils for 239gm of product). Probably it is because its still trying to get a foothold in the Kuwaiti market and also yeah it is all natural stuff produced locally.

Alban dairy has a lot of products including milk and cheese. You can check out their website: (click here)
They also have a facebook, twitter and instagram account -@AlbanDairy

A really nice product but wish their prices was lower.

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