Monday, February 29, 2016

Action hero Biju

It was with great expectation that I walked into the theatre to watch this movie. 
Well, here I go, take the seats, popcorn in hand, the lights go out, the movie starts with a thank you note from Nivin Pauly to his parents, spouse, kid and fan association. It is then that my friend whispers in my ear that he has started his own production company. Kudos to him. Now the actual movie starts. And for the first 20 minutes I am left wondering what is happening. Is he trying to mimick Mohanlal- similar punch dialogs, music....but the dialogs lack the power and punch it is supposed to deliver. What am I seeing? Is this a movie or a vlog of some events? I sit there raking my brains to get a grasp of what I am seeing on screen.

Gradually it dawns on me that what is being portrayed is the day today life of a policeman. Nivin Pauly plays the role of the  protagonist SI Biju.

Characters walk in and out of the movie, each having its own important role to play. All the scenes feel so realistic because most of the roles of the common man are played by the
'common man' rather than established cine artistes. The movie which felt dragging in the beginning gains pace now as it shows some events which jolts you and gets you thinking.

The entire story revolves around the life S.I Biju and his life. 
The movie is an eye opener for the spectators that a policeman has emotions; he is not abnormal; he is also a normal human being like every one else. A big round of applause for Nivin as he has not copied the stereotypical policeman mannerisms which is usually depicted in Malayalam movies.

What I couldn't comprehend was the role of Anu Immanuel, who plays Biju's would be. She practically has no role; just the typical heroine who smiles and walks around and then disappears. But then when I think now, the centre of the story is Biju and the other characters revolve around him. They are needed to complete the story but only 'Biju' is in the limelight.

I left the movie theatre with mixed emotions. 
This movie was a realistic picturization of a demanding profession.
To the entire team of 'Action Hero Biju'- a job well done.

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