Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tea infuser

I bought this cute tea infuser from Centrepoint.

What i found attractive about this was its shape and the colour. There is something about green colour which you automatically associate with nature ,tranquility, peace and calm.

The base is made of stainless steel and the top is made of silicone. The top fits snugly into the steel bottom. 
It's really easy to clean as well.

Now I am off to drink my green tea.....
I prefer to use loose green tea leaves instead of tea bags because i had read on the internet of the potential health hazards associated with tea bags and that really scared me. Another reason is : I had the chance to visit a tea factory in Srilanka and one of the guys there told me that first the loose green tea leaves are packed and the left over green tea leaves and tea dust goes into making green tea bags. So that was like him confirming what someone had told me earlier. Why go for second hand stuff eh! lol[there are a lot of varieties of tea out there but my favourite is green tea and so the emphasis on green tea here]

Athapookalams 2017

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