Sunday, February 14, 2016

Maybelline Baby Lips- Cherry me

I love lip balms...out of necessity :).
I use lip balms to moisturize my lips when I am not wearing lipstick and also before applying lipstick.
Not to mention those days when the temperatures go down and you have to deal with dry, chapped lips.

The discussions on Maybelline baby lips was all over the net and so I grabbed it when I saw them on one of my shopping spree.

The Maybelline website claims that it will moisturize the lips for a full 8 hours and that its like clinical care for baby soft lips.
(Link to website)

I bought the shade called ' Cherry me' (there is something about red shades that attract me; maybe its my asian genes

The packaging is very cute. 
Cherry me is a dark red tinted lip balm housed in a yellow tube and the outer cover is transparent.
It is clearly printed on the tube that it is for adult use only. 
The expiry date is 24 months from the date of opening.
The ingredient list is not printed on the tube (even the Maybelline website doesn't give the ingredients).

I have used this lip balm for a while (the picture says it all :)) now before reviewing it.

The lip balm has a light berry smell (I just feel like eating it) and glides easily on the lips. It leaves a light reddish tint on the lips (the intensity of the tint will vary according to the colour of the lips). It leaves a glossy shine, not too much, to the lips. The lips are hydrated and remain so for a long time. Even after drinking a few cups of water/tea/coffee, my lips were still hydrated and I didn't feel the need to reapply. So I feel their 8 hour hydration claim is true.But honestly, who cares if it stays for 8 hours. I for one, automatically reaches for a lip balm after every meal or washing my face. This lip balm is a million times better than Labello.

The lip balm leaves the tint behind even though the glossiness fades after sometime. So, one can use this lip balm as a lipstick on those days when you are not in the mood to wear heavy duty lipsticks. And it did help in making my lips smooth.

Also the packaging is quite travel friendly. I am that girl who always has a lip balm and lip stick in her hand bag. So a big yesss for me. 

It's easy on the pocket too. I bought it for 1.750KD and it is available in Maybelline kiosks in LuLu hypermarket, Boots and Vavavoom.

Maybelline baby lips's cuteness factor combined with good performance, has earned my loyalty to it.

It's definitely worth re-purchasing.

Now I have to try the other flavors/shades tooo.

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