A foundation hack (DIY)

I viewed this video (link) and tried it and hey it works :) :)

Apply a moisturiser before applying your foundation so as to avoid dry and cakey patches. 
Then go and sit in an air conditioned environment for almost 8 hours and bam...what do you see...dry patches on the forehead and the corners of your mouth.Sigh...

And then came this 'foundation hack'!!!!

Add a drop of oil (almond, jojoba or grapeseed) to liquid or cream foundation and apply it on your face. The foundation glides smoothly and your face feels and looks moisturised the entire day. No more of those shabby lines on the corners of your mouth or dry patches on your skin. I tested this with normal foundation and long lasting foundation and the 'hack' worked on both.

P.S: I used almond oil and I did moisturise my face before applying foundation.


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