Monday, June 13, 2016

Himalaya herbals smoothing foot scrub

This was one of those 'I-saw-it-on-the-supermarket-shelf-and-I-just-bought-it' kind of product. Himalaya brand has been in the market for long and I have been using the purifying neem face wash as long as I can remember. 

We take a lot of effort to scrub and moisturise our face and body but the feet is always neglected.I have often seen ladies all dolled up till you see their feet - all dry and with cracked heels; and that just negates their whole dressing up.

The scrub comes in the classic Himalaya packaging - white plastic tube with a green plastic cap. It claims to give you soft and supple feet in 7 days. The expiry date is 12 months from the date of opening.

It has walnut and pineapple extracts that gently scrub off rough and dry skin; apple and lemon extracts gently remove dead skin; aloe vera and coconut extracts smooth the skin.

To use: massage onto wet feet in circular motion. Rinse well. Use daily as part of bath/shower routine.

The scrub is white in color and quite grainy. 
It has a pleasant smell. 
You need a coin size amount on each foot.
It is grainy -perfect for the foot. 
Once you rub and massage the scrub onto your foot (for a good two minutes on each foot), wash it all away and follow it up with a foot cream or moisturiser or glycerin and rose water. it definitely made the feet soft; the rough granules in the cream will slush away all the dead skin cells on the foot and make it supple. 
Definitely a thumps up product.

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