Pizza pizza-Papa Johns pizza

I love pizzas and was a hard core fan of one of the leading Pizza chains in the world (don't want to take any names here). No other brand could replace it. Their pizzas were tasty and the salads were yum.

Until I came across Pappa Johns pizza. It was an eye opener. The crust and the flavors were much much better compared to my all time favourite pizza chain. Sigh!

I ordered 'All the meats' this time. Its my all time favourite. The pizza comes with a garlic sauce dip and a pickled chilli. Not a very fancy presentation but they do make the best pizzas in Kuwait. One can easily gobble up up to 4 pieces ;). yep, no joking here. 

They do have a wide range of selection. 
You can order through their hotline number(1827272)


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