Thursday, May 19, 2016

Johnsons kids no more tangles shampoo and conditioner

Johnsons company has come under a lot of fire in recent times with regards to the contents in their products and how safe are they on a baby's soft skin. It is really sad since I was born in the era where baby care items were synonymous with Johnsons.  There was no other product or brand available in the market. The products were used on babies and even adults used them. 

Fast forward, when my little one was born, I was instructed to use products from another brand in the market on the baby. It is a little sad you know - a brand you had known and trusted for years is not trustworthy anymore. Anyways, there is no harm in shampoos right? It is not like a body lotion or creme. You just apply onto hair and wash it off, so it cannot be that harmful na!

Have you tried shampooing a toddlers hair. Sigh...they scream and fight . There is  a don't touch my head policy in my house. My little one has thick hair and it ends up dry and lifeless after a shampoo. And also once past the baby stage, you need to use a different shampoo.

So I was on the look out for a good shampoo and saw this on the supermarket shelf. The yellow packaging is quite attractive. The shampoo comes in a plastic bottle with a cap. It claims to be a shampoo and conditioner all in one bottle.

The shampoo is colorless and with a pleasant smell. I use about a coin size on my toddler's hair and it lathers up very well. After washing off, the hair smells nice and after drying the hair is soft, moisturised and definitely no tangles. The hair is left with a shine and moisture even if I don't oil my little one's hair before a shampoo.

I have tried this on moi hair also. I needed a lot more quantity of shampoo for my shoulder length unoiled hair and ended up with soft and manageable hair.So definitely a keeper for those days when you want to clean your hair and don't want to use a harsh shampoo.

This is my second bottle and this is definitely a product worth repurchasing.

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