Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Australian body care tea tree oil body lotion

I haven't heard about the Australian body care brand until recently my little one was down with chicken pox and the doctor prescribed this body lotion to apply on her body. Now this prescription against norms - it is usually calamine lotion everybody uses to soothe those boils. Long story short, I bought this body lotion from the pharmacy [when the doctor prescribes something for your little one, no questions are asked; you just buy it]. It will lighten your pocket by 11 KD.

I haven't seen this body care range on the super market shelves in Kuwait. A bit of googling made me realise that the company uses tea tree oil in all of its products and that tea tree oil doesn't come from the tea leaves used to make tea. Tea tree is an entirely different variety of plant. Enlightenment!!!!!!!!!!!

The body lotion comes packaged in a plastic tube with a flip open cap. This is a 200 ml tube. The Australian product range claims to use natural active ingredients. In this case - tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has anti bacterial, anti viral and antiseptic properties. The expiry is 12 months from opening

I have used this body lotion on myself too and as you can see the cap is still clean; not much spillage/wastage is there once the cap is shut.

The body lotion is white in colour and has consistency of a normal body lotion. It is easy to dispense the body lotion from the tube by slighlty pressing the tube. Its the fragrance that just hits you in the face when you spread the body lotion. My my...the lotion has a very very strong smell of tea tree oil in it and it just engulfs you when you spread the lotion on your body. The smell is too strong for me and I hate it but thankfully the smell dissipiates in no time. The body lotion gets easily absorbed into the skin in no time, leaving it soft and supple for a long time. I didn't find the need to reapply it for the whole day. It is non greasy too.

The product also claims that it will stop ingrown hairs.Now to test that, I need to use the body lotion for a longer time than two weeks. This body lotion can be used by men and women.

I am very happy with the product except for the smell. Phew....
Well if you love tea tree oil products, then the smell might not bother you much. But then this product is supposed to soothe and calm sore, dry and cracked skin. So more of a medicinal kind of product rather than commercial body lotions which have more pleasing smells to attract the masses.

Here is the link if you want to know more about Australian Body Care products.
Unfortunately, the site is in Danish :(

The product is distributed in UK and Europe by this site: http://www.klmbeauty.co.uk/


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