Monday, May 2, 2016

Biotique Bio Neem purifying facewash

I had read about Biotique and the various products the company manufactures and was wanting to try them ever since. The fact that it is an Indian company and that the products are all organic just added to the whole curiosity factor. I bought this face wash and a face scrub.

It comes in a plastic tube with a flip open cap. The cap is quite tight, so you are assured of no spillage. I paid 90 rupees for a 100 ml tube. The packaging relates to the whole idea of 'organic'.

The company claims that the product has therapeutic properties and that there are no preservatives in the product. maybe that is why the expiry date of the product is 12 months from the date of opening. It is not tested on animals. Biotique products are available in stores in India or you can buy online too on []

The face wash is pale green in color and very runny. It has a neem/aswagandha smell but it is not at all strong or irritating. 

To use, just wet your face and take a small amount of the product in your hands and gently massage onto the face. It lathers well and does remove dirt and at the end of the whole face wash ritual, you end up with clean face. It did not dry up my skin but if you have very dry skin, you will need to follow it up with a moisturizer. Neem leaves have anti-bacterial properties, so it can prevent pimples and purify your skin.

I tried using this face wash to remove makeup and it did a good job at that. For long wearing makeup, I had to do the face washing ritual twice to get squeaky clean skin.

Now , my only issue with the product is that it is very runny :(. I don't have to squeeze the bottle to get the product. Just open the cap and hold it upright and the face wash just flows out (see the picture above). Thank god for that cap that is really tight!

It is a good face wash for the price and performance. 
Definitely worth re-purchasing.

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