Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Power Fruits from KDD

This flyer came with today's Arab Times.

I have no idea whether these juices are available in the market yet but I really want to try them all out. :)


Picked this up from a bakala. Only this flavor was available.You can taste the guava and cranberry,apricot and orange flavor with each sip. Not a bad combo of flavors. But the nutritional information doesn't state anything about 'sugar'. Maybe they haven't added any sugar (and the juice doesn't taste as if it has been overloaded with sugar) but the puree and the concentrate used in making this juice must definitely have sugar added into it ,right?

Anyways, don't expect a packaged drink to be too healthy; but this is a welcome variation to the usual sugar loaded ones available in the market. Now I am waiting to try out the other flavors.

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