Sunday, April 17, 2016

DIY-How to clean your hair brush

When it comes to hair care, a very important factor is clean hair brushes.
And it is not just hair brushes, this applies to combs as well.
You need to clean them atleast once a month.

Here is a very simple yet effective 'Do -It-Yourself' for clean hair brushes and combs.

1. Water
2. Baking soda
3. Apple cider vinegar
4. Dish washing liquid

Take a wide and deep bowl. This should be big enough so that all the brushes would be immersed in the water. Remove all the hair from your brush or comb. Add about 2 teaspoonful of dishwashing liquid. Mix it well. Add about 3 tablespoon of baking soda into it. Give a stir and add half a cup of apple cider vinegar. mix well. Immerse the brushes in this concoction for 10 minutes. Then clean the brushes and combs with a toothbrush. Then rinse all the brushes and combs in clear cold water twice and let them air dry. 

I adopted the above method from a beauty vlogger called Kandee Jonson.

The above quantity was used to clean two hair brushes and four combs. There is no need to follow a recipe as such. You can just eyeball all the ingredients :)

Click here for the link to her video.

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