Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bourjois rouge edition velvet lipstick No. 12

I picked up this liquid lipstick during the recent sale in Boots.
I have seen a lot of pics and reviews about the liquid lipsticks from Bourjois and I wanted to try one for a long time. They have a lot of shades to choose from and I ended up buying the No. 12 shade called beau brun.

Now, the company promises light texture, extreme comfort and 24hour hold. It is packaged in a transparent tube and the cap color matches the lipstick shade (which is a big plus for me; you have an idea what the shade is before swatching rather than open up every tube to find out the color).

That is how it looks once you open it. There is a 'chemical' smell which is annoying but is gone in a few seconds.The brush has a slant at the top and this makes the application of the lipstick a lot easier. With this brush, you can actually apply the lipstick tracing the lines of your lips without any bleeding and even the corners of your lips is easily reachable.

The above pic is  a single swipe of the lipstick. You can see that the formula is quite thick and I just simply love the color. The lipstick takes some time to dry and once it is dried it turns matte. It feels light on the lips. But it can show off the fine lines on the lips when it dries ,so one has to moisturize well before applying the lipstick. I have to say that the first time I applied the lipstick, I didn't have any lip balm on my lip and it didn't feel dry & stretchy at all. But after a few hours, I did feel the dryness on my lips.

The colour is buildable. One swipe can give you a lovely shade. Apply on more of the product if you want to go bold. Sometimes I use a lip liner of a darker red shade and then apply the lipstick and just rub your lips together to get a more bolder shade.

It does transfer when you eat or drink. But not so much that you have to reapply immediately. I would say the color fades over the day but still there is a some left on your lips. So this range of lipstick is a great option for parties and other functions.

The lid can be closed tightly and so you can be assured of no spillage if you are carrying it around in your hand bag. 

Each lipstick in this range costs 6 KD.

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