Monday, July 18, 2016

Maybelline master ink liquid eyeliner

When Boots has a buy 2 get one free offer ; and you end up wondering what is the third product to buy to avail this offer, the sales assistant leads me to this liquid eyeliner. Now my favourite eyeliner is from Bourjois (click here to read review). I thought, why not! Let me try a new one. 

The Maybelline master ink liquid eyeliner comes in a black and white packaging. The cap is long and slender and body is black. It is available in satin and matte finishes. I bought the satin one in luminous black. 

The product does have a chemical smell. The brush is sturdy and pointy. You can get a thin line close to the eyelashes with this brush (now that requires a bit of practice). The product is very pigmented and gives a satiny finish (a bit shiny;not too much). The eyeliner stays put on the eyes without smudging till I take it off. 

I prefer a matte finish when it comes to eyeliner and a flexible brush rather than a sturdy one; that is just a personal preference.

Overall a good product for the price. 

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