Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter-bye bye dry skin

I have very dry skin and relocation to a country which has extreme weather conditions has made it from bad to worse. I was on the lookout for a solution to this. The brands of creams/lotions available in supermarkets gave only momentary relief; even those ones that are labelled as ' for ultra dry skin'.

Vaseline is a good option but it leaves you feeling sticky and no way am i going to apply it on my whole body. This is when i came across the 'moringa body butter' from The Body Shop (TBS).

It has a thick creamy consistency and it hydrates dry skin for 24 hours, according to the package; and it is oh so true. A small amount goes a long way. The cream is pale white in color and has a floral scent; not overpowering at all. My skin just soaks up all the goodness of the cream and looks supple throughout the day. I have never felt the need to re-apply.

 I am not listing out the ingredients of the body butter since it is available on the net and almost all reviewers have put it in their review. But I can assure you that this body butter really works. I am in love with this and have already bought another 400ml tub during the recent sale [the 400 ml big tubs are available only during sale time].Better to stock up during a sale , than cry later on. It is a bit pricey (most of the stuff in TBS is) but one tub lasts very long (for almost six months). The expiry date of this body butter is 12 months from opening but I am very sure you will use it all up before the 12 months :).

I was curious to know what moringa seeds are and so i googled it and LOL...its called drumstick in India and the seeds of the long fruit is what is used to make this. I had it in the backyard of my house in India and was not aware that it was used in body butters (smirk smirk)

This body butter is a keeper for me...for a looong time to come...

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