Thursday, January 14, 2016

RaniPadmini- Malayalam movie

There was so much of hype before the movie came out; especially because it was the story of two women  in their path of self discovery and also because of Manju Warrier i guess [who is back into acting after a decade].The name and the concept is why i wanted to watch it. can call me a feminist :P. I really liked the movie.Not so much credit to the direction but certain parts in the movie had me thinking. Why is it that girls are raised as ' to marry off'? . Why is it that obedient and quite girls are what everyone looks for? Like Manju says " its a trap;its like clipping your wings so that you don't fly high." Many girls' can identify themselves to Manju's and Rima's character. Manju the village girl and Rima the boyish one who desperately tries to prove that she is as good as any man.

Another amazing part in the movie was the trek they took. Himachal is amaziinngggg. I so want to visit Himachal after seeing this movie. The mountains, the streams, the greenery, the icy blue skies in the night- can't say what is more enchanting. That one scene in the movie when the they are on the mountain top and they see the stars ,moon, clouds and the snowy mountains in the backdrop, the quietness - i just fell in love with nature all over again.It was like a painting.All that appealed to the mad ,hopeless romantic in me. I was in wonderment [is there a word like that] at His creation. That itching to travel and experience the magic myself was suddenly sowed in me. Hopefully one day.

Overall a good movie.
I liked it and i would suggest to anyone who is a hopeless romantic like me. :)

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