Sunday, August 21, 2016

Restaurant Route Ledo (Indo-Chinese)

It is by accident that you stumble upon good restaurants. This was one such find. 

This restaurant is located behind Olympia mall and beside Max store. Kind of hidden away from the main road.

The interior

It is a small cozy place. Just 4 cubicles for dine in.

Roohafza lemonade
You receive a welcome drink along with the complimentary starter. 
The drink is a fancy ruby red, roohafza lemonade. It was cool and tasted so good. Just the stuff to beat the heat.

It was a combination of the normal pappad and crackers which had a fishy taste. They were served with a chilli sauce. 


Royal Rumble

We ordered two drinks - the royal rumble  and piyush. the royal rumble had figs, milk masala and vanilla ice cream and tasted divine. Piyush was sweetened yoghurt, milk masala, saffron and rose water. Both the drinks were creamy, thick and tasted oh so good.

Sweet corn chicken soup

We ordered only one soup, since I am not a huge fan of soups. The soup was thick and a little sweet to my taste. It was served piping hot with a chilli sauce.

Crispy chicken
Next was the crispy chicken for starter. It is very different in looks and my little one was a bit hesitant to touch it even :). It is served with two sauces - a sour sauce and chilli garlic sauce. I was wondering what the string like crispy coating was and asked our server but she said it is their secret!Oh well....It tasted good. It was crisp, warm and the chicken strip was perfectly cooked.

Chilli garlic noodles

Prawns Biriyani

Prawns Biriyani
The chilli garlic chicken noodles was yum. The prawns biriyani was served super hot in a sauce pan (!). The accompaniment was raita and a red sauce. The portion amounts were good for the price. The prawns biriyani was different but tasted good. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly. The food was served in time with enough time gap between each dish.

We were sooo full by the time we finished and so we didn't order any dessert. But they do have a variety of desserts. That we postponed for another day :) :)

All in all, a good lunch it was. And the bill amount came near to 10.00KD for two adults.

They are on talabat too. 

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