Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Five Guys Burger

It was a lazy saturday evening and we were wondering where to go out for dinner. And we finally ended up at Five Guys which is located in Al-Tijaria tower (opposite to Al-Shaheed park). Man, the crowd there is insane. I have not seen such a busy burger joint; other than the ones located in the malls. One of my friend, whose office is in the same building, was telling me that the queue will be well outside the burger joint on most days.

An attractive red and white decor suits the fast food joint. The huge kitchen is visible to the customer and is just behind the cashier ounter. They even have a board telling you where the potatoes used came from for the day. They use peanut oil for cooking and frying;also everything is served fresh (claims of the company).

Well, the choice of burgers is limited - just hamburger and cheese burger. Also hot dogs and sandwiches are available. And the customer can choose what all goes into your burger. 

Once you finish your order and pay the bill, we wait for the meal. Meanwhile you can fill up the drink and get some ketchup and find a table. One of the employees will call out your number loudly :) and the meal is given in a brown paper bag (this is recycled), including the french fries. There is no tray to carry the meal to your table.

Spicy french fries

The Burgers

The burgers come wrapped in aluminium foil and are numbered. So just refer to the receipt on the brown paper bag to identify your burger. This is a great idea; you don't have to open and see which burger is what. And it is not labelled by pen/marker; the sticker is loud and clear :) :)

The small hamburger

The regular cheese burger

The burgers were warm, greasy and tasty - like how a burger is expected to be.

I was not impressed by the spicy fries though. It did have the garlic/paprika taste but it did not please my taste buds. Next time it would be regular fries.

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