Monday, September 12, 2016

Adayar Ananda Bhavan restaurant

I had been wanting to try out the food and snacks in AAB ever since they opened up in Salmiya. But never could. The place would be full every time we passed by. AAB had a small outlet in Salmiya and now they have opened a second branch in Salmiya itself (opposite to Al-Qabass arabic school; the bestow bakala lane). 

This place has more seats since there is no snacks section.We checked in for a brunch :). The decor is nice and there is three kinds of chutneys on the table - red ,green and white [coconut and onion, corinader, simple coconut]. Very pretty colors indeed.

That's the plain dosa I ordered. It was crisp and light and tasted good.

Masala Dosa
The masala dosa came folded in a rectangular shape.

The filter coffee was served in bronze utensil(I am guessing it's bronze). It was sweet and tasted so good.
Now I am pretty impressed with the food except for the sambar. The sambar isn't suited to my spicy-tamarindy-asafoetidy-dark colored sambar I am used to. This sambar had lots of dal in it and much less spicy. But people will like it and I am sure they do; the crowd in the restaurant speaks for itself.

I have also tried the jangri and boli from AAB. They were lip smackingly good. I am a hardcore boli fan and the boli from AAB was by far the best I have had in Kuwait. And the portion size was big too.

Do give AAB a try and let me know of your thoughts.


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